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Homework Email Template

From Marni:

Tonight was great!!!

Thank you Gerry for being so open about what you are struggling with.

Connecting, creating trust and safety is such an important topic and one that is near and dear to my heart right now.

I really think the how to connect to women masterclass will be great for many of you on the call. If you are part of the Inner Circle 12 week program you have free access to it in the masterclass bonus section. PLEASE watch it.

I also want each of you to practice with your emotional wheel on your own for 5 minutes each night. Do it out loud and in the mirror. Bonus points if you actually record yourself and listen.

I do want to do a couple of shout outs to a few of you.

Brian – AMAZING work tonight. I could finally feel you. You presence felt strong and comfortable all at the same time.

Tim – Wow. Wow. Wow. From week 1 to now is a total transformation. Your eye contact is spot on. Your body language is amazing. One thing to work on now is projecting your voice. The GOYB exercise in section 3 will be amazing for you to practice this!

Great work today guys!!

Something like this is a good framework. Looking to motivate but also give homework.