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Approach, Attraction, Conversation, Dating & Sex. All Materials Below Are Wing Girl Approved!

As a woman, I like to think I am an expert at everything 😉  but sadly I am not! BUT I do have friends who are.  Below is a mixed list of free materials and additional resources/programs (that have a cost) for you to dive deeper and explore areas such as: Sex, Online Dating, Texting, Flirting, Body Language, Humor & Style.

Please remember these are simply suggestions of items that will provide you with the tools needed to achieve great success with women!


How To Flirt & Banter

high-status1. How To Be Funny – The guys from Social Fluency have created an 8 week online course that teaches you How To Learn To Be Funny

images-22. Teasing & Banter Cheat Sheets – Bobby Rio: Make small talk sexy! FREE Ebook on how to flirt and banter with women. Includes: Mindset, 4 Cheat sheets for different situations with women, What to say, how to flirt and how to handle 4 types of women.

make-small-talk-sexy Click Here to get this free guidebook & MP3 on Women

1. How To Make Small Talk Sexy – Master of conversation and flirting, Bobby Rio explain How To Make Small Talk Sexy.

How To Text

Text That Girl By Race DePriest: Another excellent resource that goes into the theory and mindset of texting and how to be great at it.  Includes a ton of real life examples where you can see Race texting girls and their responses.

This one is geared towards a younger audience (18-30) but the principles, theory and mindset are for all ages. Great read!

How To Sext

T2S By Race DePriest:  Another great resource from Race that focuses fully on sexting do’s, don’ts, rules and examples.  REALLY GOOD resource if you have no idea how to escalate with women over text to make things sexual without creeping them out.

escaping-the-friend-zoneHow To Escape The Friend Zone

1. The team from the Tao of Badass has allowed me to give you one of their best selling books for free 🙂  This book is all about how to escape the friend zone and guarantee that the women you interact with NEVER see you as a friend again!

How To Be A Master In The Bedroom

PornStarSex-Life1. Porn Star Sex Life – Former Penthouse Pet, Ryan Keeley & Friends (Video Tutorial)

Don’t let the name scare you away. This is one of the best sources, I have seen, for teaching men about how to pleasure women. Former porn stars tell you and show you what to do to a woman to drive her wild!! They also break tons of myths about sex men learn from watching porn that is silently killing their sex lives.  Video are informative, entertaining and educational. Watch it alone or with your significant other.

FREE Ebook “10 Secrets To Wild Sex”:

BecomeAMasterfulLover2. Become A Masterful Lover – David Shade (Video, Audio)

Excellent materials from a man whose wife left him because he was a bad lover.  Pretty sure that’s not the entire reason but it’s his reason.  He then spent 15-20 years researching to develop Masterful Lover.  Great material and if you use the following link you will get a free CD from him sent to your home where he tells you everything he learned in his research. Great materials for any man who wants to learn how to pleasure a woman but also how to get into the right head space to deliver and be a Masterful Lover.

How To Pick Up Women On Facebook: Yiannis Christodoulu (FREE Copy Download)

The Definitive Guide To Attract & Meet Women On Facebook. Yiannis walks you through how to grow your list, build your page, reach out to women and what to say.

Free Guidebook:

Beat The Breakup

An amazing program for those trying to get over a breakup and move on from their ex.

Style & Grooming

Style Enhancement Package Style-Enhancement-Package

NYC Stylist Goldie tells you how to transform your appearance and sky rocket your sexual appeal with women.


Pitch Anything:

pitch-anythingThis book helps you understand how to catch ANYONE’s attention by targeting, what author Oren Klaff refers to as, The Primal Brain.  Easy to read and put to practice immediately.  A great resource that will help discover how to approach and start conversation with women.

Psycho Cybernetics:

phychoThis is one of first books I ever read on how to re-program your brain. Psycho Cybernetics dives deep into the basis of insecurity and self taught and teaches you how to literally, program your brain to do and think whatever you want it to.  Includes tons of exercises on mental rehearsal.

I had purchased this in audio book format and really enjoyed it.

How To Win Friend and Influence People:

how-to-win-friend-and-influence-peopleOne of the best books of all time on how to make people like you.  I know it sounds manipulative because you are “making” someone like you but it’s totally not.  This book teaches you how to appreciate others and connect to them.  It’s where my method of LCA stemmed from and is a great resource for learning how to connect with women and make them think about you after you’re gone.